Dr. Deniza Popova

Sängerin, Forscherin, Autorin


Śabdagatitāra is a musical network – and at the same time a new concept introduced into musicological discourse in 2021 by its artistic director, the composer and music researcher Sandeep Bhagwati. Tour: Montréal & Toronto 20.-28.04.2024 https://www.sabdagatitara.net/news-1


Sandeep Bhagwati / Siaman Vongayan / Musicians of Ensemble Extrakte ASED (…countercurrents…) Concert installation For an indigenous singer recorded on video and twelve live musicians from perse traditions Deniza Popova, Bulgarian vocals / Eva Glasmacher, soprano / Naoko Kikuchi, koto / Lucy Zhao, pipa/ Elshan Ghasimi, tar, voice / Wu Wei, sheng, erhu / Ravi […]